Uganda Bow Hunting Packages

Uganda is a country for some very specialised bow hunting, mainly walk & stalk with some popups and bush hides being used. This is not your typical first time African Safari, bow hunters with some experience and who are proficient out to 80 yards will be very successful in these hunting areas. Camps are located in four mayor areas of Uganda, each unique to its own huntable species. Hunting areas include Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve near Lake Albert on the Western border of the country. Lake Mburo which is located in the South Western portion of the country. Katonga is located west of Entebbe and is mainly used to hunt East African sitatunga, sebra, waterbuck and East African bushbuck, fly camp and very primitive. Sesse Island is located on Lake Victoria and is exclusively used for hunting Ssesse Island Sitatunga.

Flights to Entebbe, Uganda come in from Johannesburg, Europe and Dubai.

Note: These are 100% custom safaris and pricing will be dependent on your hunting needs. For more information on any of these hunting areas and species in Uganda, please get in touch with the Watts Bow Hunting Team and they will assisted you ASAP.


  1. Special permits needed for: Bow hunting permit
  2. Special Bow / Arrow Setup for: Buffalo
  3. Best Time to Hunt / Dates: May to August
  4. Physical Requirements: Green/Red
Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve Hunt 6 Days 1 x 1
Kabwoya Nile Buffalo Hunt 10 days 1 x 1
Lake Mburo Full Package safari 16 days 1 x 1
* Includes Eland / Topi & Sitatunga)        
Lake Mburo Buffalo Hunt 10 days 1 x 1
Ssese Island Sitatunga Hunt 10 days 1 x 1
Pian Upe 6 days 1 x 1
Katonga 10 days 1 x 1


Uganda Kob     LA     $   3 000,00
Nile Bushbuck LA / Katonga   $   2 700,00
Oribi LA   $   1 000,00
EA Bush Duiker LA / LM / Katonga $   650,00
Warthog LA/LM   $   650,00
Olive Baboon LA/LM   $   350,00
Bush Pig LA/LM   $   650,00
Island Sitatunga Ssese Island   $   6 000,00
Jacksons Hartebeest Pian Upe   $   2 900,00
Guenthers Dik Dik Pian Upe   $   1 500,00
Chandlers Mountain Reedbuck Pian Upe   $   1 800,00
EA Bohor Reedbuck LM / Katonga   $   1 500,00
Nile Buffalo LM   $   5 500,00
Cape Buffalo LA   $   3 500,00
EA Eland LM   $   3 400,00
EA Defassa Waterbuck LM / Katonga   $   2 800,00
Topi LM   $   2 800,00
EA Bushbuck LM   $   2 300,00
EA Impala LM   $   850,00
Zebra LM   $   1 000,00
EA Sitatunga LM   $   5 000,00
Other Fees              
Hunting Permits $   600,00        
Rifle Permit $   150,00 per rifle    
Observer Fee $   350,00 per day    
Concession Fee $   600,00        
Dip & Pack $   900,00        
$ 1 700,00


# Daily Rates and Packages Includes:

Trophy fees of animals in the package taken, wounded or lost.

Daily fees for the duration of the package.

Professional hunter, hunting vehicle, hunting staff and camp staff.

Accommodation, full catering and daily laundry service.

15% government tax on daily rates, packages and transportation.

Field preparation and transport of trophies to local taxidermist.

All hunting licenses.


# Daily Rates and Packages Excludes:

Additional animals taken, wounded or lost.

Dipping, packing and shipping of trophies to final destination.

All air fare and accommodation before and after safari.

All personal expenses, tips to hunting and camp staff.

Baits for leopard, lion and other hunts where baits are used.

Road transfer from airport to hunting areas and between hunting areas.

Dog fees are applicable on hunts where dogs are being used.


# Watts Bow Hunting Terms And Conditions:

*A 50% deposit of daily rates or package to confirm your booking and dates.

*The balance is payable at the end of the safari in cash, credit card or wire transfer. (no    personal or bank certified checks or travellers checks will be accepted)

*All prices are subject to change due to circumstances out of our control, client will be informed in advance.

*All clients must sign our safari contract, indemnity form and agreement regarding dangerous game.

*There will be no refunds on cancellations, nights and / or species not taken on any package hunt, except when arranged differently with outfitter, 15% handling fees, permit fees where applicable will be deducted from any refunds.

*Please arrange and pay your own medical, safari insurance if needed – (Ripcord Rescue Travel or Global Rescue can assisted you)

*Watts Bow Hunting Safaris accepts no responsibility for any accident, illness claim or loss of whatsoever nature, arising during and after the safari. Clients are advice to take out their own medical insurance and cancellation cover.

*All prices are quoted in USA Dollar & Euro.


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