Show Dates for 2020

Dallas Safari Club Show 9 to 12 January @ the Dallas Convention Centre, Dallas Texas, WTH Booth nr 2323

Safari Club International Show 5 to 8 February 2020 @ the Reno Convention Centre, Reno Nevada, WTH Booth nr 2947

South East Michigan Bow hunters SCI Chapter 20 to 21 March @ the Laurel Manor Hall, Livonia, Michigan, WTH Booth in Main Hall


A wise person once said “Never Put Off Tomorrow, What You Should Do Today” that holds the truth in hunting as well. If you have a hunting adventure in mind “ Contact Us And Just Do It”




John & Caroline Frazier

This was absolutely the best hunt we did in years, got all we wanted and more, Charl you and G did a great job, you made us realised how much we missed this country and its people.

Thank You so Much

John & Caroline Frazier



William Martens

What can I say, third safari with WATTS and every time you guys full fill my expectations, lion, leopard and now an awesome 43” buffalo.

Great hunt and looking forward to our elephant hunt 2020.



John Reimer

Honesty, respected and top quality animals, Watts Bow Hunting is all of this and many more.

Charl & Nelia and Gerhard, keep up the great work and thank you for another great hunt.



Lee Anderson

My 2 sons and I had a great time and safari with Watts, this trip was our second. The leopard hunt with the hounds was an adrenaline rush for me, dream come true, specially to have my boys next to me experienced it all. Between the 3 of us we harvested 11 animals and will recommend Charl Watts to anybody.